lavrinenkoe (lavrinenkoe) wrote,

Five minutes of my day

Having read this beautiful post here: I decided that I must respond!

I sipped from my third for this day bottle of vodka and tightly closed the door to the madhouse where I live, being afraid that someone much crasier than me would escape. Now I am ready to take my lovely 7-feet tall bear pet for a walk. Meanwhile, I am thinking of doing something cruel. I always think of something cruel, unless I play balalaika, drink vodka or do something crazy.
After I come back I am to make an omelet on nearest avaliable nuclear reactor and call my mafia friend. All my friends are mafia. We are all mafia.
Then I am to switch on TV and watch a couple of hours of propaganda. Only jerks and fools believe it. I don't. Do you?

Tags: europeans, russians, stereotypes
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