lavrinenkoe (lavrinenkoe) wrote,

Miraculous return

Grass and ground and stones and snow are changing under my feet
Time stopped — I feel it.

You can believe me,
I feel it.
Better believe me,
I feel it
You can believe me!

I wanna live not wasting time, but something's more than me
It showed itself through the hole in a time, through reality.

You can believe me,
I saw it,
You can believe me
I felt it,
You can believe me!

I lost a hope
To find my way.
I told her to go away
And nothing could she say.
Nothing... nothing... nothing... nothing.

You! You will never be again.
It's true, I will never be your man.

That time I thought
That she has gone
She brought a sense to life,
And turned it into none.

To nothing. Nothing.
Everything was... was nothing.
You! A miraculous return!
It's true, you're back and now's my turn.

Tags: miraculous return, song, волшебное возвращение, песня
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