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Разговор с сирийцем

Сегодня в первый раз в жизни общался с сирийцем из Латакии. Он постучался ко мне в личку в Фейсбуке, видимо отреагировав на мою аватарку в виде сирийского флага.
Честно говоря, я был поражён услышав столько хороших слов в адрес России! В интернете, конечно, теряется нить живого общения, но всё равно чувствовалось, что человек как-то хочет выразить тёплые чувства к России.

Рассказываю всем друзьям, как и обещал - в Сирии нас очень любят!

Переписка, как есть:

sorry i dont understand
ну тогда, может по-русски?
i am not russian
i am syrian
Oh, ok! Sorry/ I said hello too. What's up?
are you russian?
i adore russia
are you from moscow?
Thank you! In my turn I want to say that I greatly respect the braveness and courage of Syrian people!
yes I am from Moscow
where are you from&
thank you too
am from latakia
It seems so that world divides on good and evil part and we need to be together tho fight evil together
yes of course
it used to be so different even several years ago
we really love russia here in syria
thank you! I'll tell all my friends - they'll be happy
we appreciate russia for its help
We made meetings and pickets for support of syrian people
we will never forget russia
thank you. I am happy that we have a leader who did't betray our friends and had a character to stand against US and its mercenaries
how it is now where you live? Are there militants around?
we will defeat the american devil together
we'll have to
the situation is so difficalt here
I've seen a number of videos of how your tanks fight! They're good soldiers
there is no electricity
how do you manage to be on the internet&
yes good soldiers
there is no electrcity in the city
not in my house
Are there any military operations around?
yes but is quite far
there is a lot of martyrs
it all started around february of 2011. Three years of war... Do you feel like it is going to end any time soon?
i really dont know
nobody knows, that's true
there are in my village about 50 martyrs
sorry i have to go bed i have to wake up early
It was good to talk to you! Stay firm!
we will continue our conversation tomorrow at this time
thank you and goodbye
very good!
good bye
long life for russia
long life for Syria!
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